2015 Fantasy Panorama Results

2015 FanPan Winners
This year's FanPan once again saw fierce competition between Leon and Matanzas high schools, with each school putting forth a formidable field of competitors. Leon, having been shut out of the top three spots from last year, was hoping to at least push one player into the top tier. So dedicated was Leon to make up for last year's shutout, that their captain MWendeln travelled to Trinidad to compete in the (actual) Panorama and to conduct reconnaissance on the bands. Well, I'm happy to report that their efforts have paid off, and Leon has taken back the FanPan crown, with MWendeln himself taking first place at 14,559 points! Rounding out the top three are the unaffiliated allisonfarrell21 at 14,292 points, and AlexKusyP4 close behind at 14,289 points.

Not surprisingly, most participants (57%) chose the Trinidad All Stars to place first this year. Perhaps not a bold choice considering the All Star's top seed after the semifinals, but nonetheless prescient. Still, many (34%) selected Phase II Pan Groove to take home the trophy. Maybe this was based on Phase II's championship in 2014. Or maybe some players are big Olatunji fans. Despers was the third most selected band to win, despite the fact that they scraped by the semis in last place, and only made it as deep as 8th in the finals. Regardless, as the winningest band in Panorama history, Desperadoes was a respectable choice. Renegades (2), Exodus (1), Silver Stars (1), and Skiffle (1) were unique choices for the diehard fans. A special shoutout to EthanWood who predicted Skiffle would overcome a perilous 9th place in the semis to win gold. A feat never before accomplished in Panorama history. Sadly, Invaders, Fonclaire, and Tropical Angel Harps had no believers. This is understandable, considering none of these bands has ever won gold, and their semifinals placements weren't particularly high. Maybe next year will prove a better environment for these bands.

This year's picks reflected a contraction over last year's picks, with more players rallying around a few select bands for the top places. For example, 6% of participants correctly chose the top three bands. This is up from 1.2% last year. Could it be that FanPan players are paying closer attention to Panorama, and have become more astute observers? Or perhaps Panorama continues to be a predictable pageant with the more popular bands taking home the honors each year, thus allowing players to better predict Panorama's outcome. I guess we'll have to wait and take a look at the trends next year, and see if 2016 will be the year of the Dark Horse.

EDIT: MWendeln has turned himself in and acknowledged he hacked in and changed his picks after Panorama results were posted. Nice try, MWendeln. And after hearing that the unaffiliated allisonfarrell21 and AlexKusyP4 are from Matanzas, that means Matanzas sweeps the top three spots with ChristianSik at 3rd! Then again, with seven periods of steel band at Matanzas, it's a little unfair.

Name Private Leagueue Total
MWendeln Leon 14559
allisonfarrell21 14294
AlexKusyP4 14289
ChristianSikes Matanzas 5th 14011
yaboyharu Matanzas 5th 14006
Rachel Palmer Matanzas 1st 13745
Ginahall39 13740
Babymathews25 Matanzas 6th 13740
kaleymorrow Matanzas 6th 13732
smtyler 13730
mrsakman34 Matanzas 5th 13466
PErlandson12 13461
Forrest Matanzas 5th 13461
YungNino Matanzas 5th 13461
swanson_asia Matanzas 5th 13461
Vin Khalifa Matanzas 5th 13461
5kendallweinstein Matanzas 5th 13461
kinley.drummonds Matanzas 5th 13461
skylynnperez Matanzas 6th 13461
GuilbeJ Matanzas 1st 13461
Zak Shaler Matanzas 6th 13456
tanner.hyers Matanzas 6th 13453
justin9000 Matanzas 5th 13449
amandaboggs99 Matanzas 7th 13448
tristandelage Matanzas 6th 13442
menendea8 13197
allieamaral 13187
oconnorryan Matanzas 6th 13187
ErinWilk Matanzas 1st 13187
annnniedougherty 13184
5hannahadams Matanzas 5th 13182
katiewinters 13176
Jay Subers Matanzas 7th 13176
Louis_Barletta Matanzas 5th 13175
EmilyBeamer 13172
joshpedron1 Matanzas 5th 13172
Sokannarith Chhay Matanzas 6th 13172
Juliannaweitz Matanzas 6th 13172
BritneyPhan Matanzas 6th 13167
Jtbarber1005 Leon 13166
Hannahgol0860 Matanzas 6th 13164
5 christian wilson Matanzas 5th 12918
GianfrancoBello... 12917
dylanodowd96 Matanzas 5th 12913
alexisjanelle99 12908
nickw Matanzas 5th 12908
ericorengo Matanzas 6th 12908
CaidenParola Matanzas 6th 12904
Luismarcalo Matanzas 5th 12898
Kyanna Kimes Matanzas 6th 12897
keiganthompson Matanzas 5th 12893
mitchellrhea Matanzas 5th 12633
mattbennett55 12629
alextorres1171 12629
allisonalexander4 12625
dukesbranden 12623
Jake Flaherty Matanzas 6th 12623
stevelouis@gmail.com 12620
DamonHackett 12619
JasmineAndrews Matanzas 1st 12618
5emilydias Matanzas 5th 12616
nicholasweber 12615
DominicColletta 12350
ferriss Matanzas 6th 12346
Santos P.4
micaylalavaglio Matanzas 3rd 12342
DanielleHartley Matanzas 6th 12340
Allgor ...
michaelmenendez5 Matanzas 5th 12085
Quinn2015 12073
Jalen_herring 12072
cupofcats Matanzas 6th 12066
jacobgg Leon 12057
BrittanyBoo 12053
MichaelG13 11797
mayerjames77 11792
keendrick 4 11788
Ashley_Sanford 11504
DanielMoore 11262
jschiffman59 Matanzas 5th 11243
5DevinLarkin Matanzas 5th 11231
marchenamarissa Matanzas 6th 11230
dellarattacorina Matanzas 6th 11225
erinmcmanus Matanzas 1st 11212
Lexi K 10979
Yeiskamari 10965
Kyle Fretterd Matanzas 6th 10960
Joshua P.4 10956
bryan69 Matanzas 5th 10956
Laxlife7 Matanzas 6th 10947
harrietriera Matanzas 7th 10942
Jordan_mcandrew Matanzas 5th 10682
5 Tori Taylor Matanzas 5th 10681
EthanWood Matanzas 7th 10380
RyanDud Matanzas 3rd 10145
ErnestSimon4 10110
Philper4 9309
marion_cutee Matanzas 7th 9309
lindseybrockhaus 7403
wagner5 6841

New Music from Tracy Thornton

New to Engine Room Publishing are three great charts from Tracy Thornton. Dain Brammage, everyone's favorite Thornton tune, is a heavy, raucous piece perfect as an opener or closer. On the other side, we've added In the Groove of Things and Mood Swings to show off the sweeter sound of your band. Mood Swings especially demonstrates the musicality of steel band with its rich orchestration and haunting dynamics. Click through and check out the YouTube links from other bands!

2014 Fantasy Panorama

Engine Room Publishing has once again setup a Fantasy Panorama league for all fans to be a part of the action! If you're unable to make it to the big stage on March 1st, get involved by making your predictions and supporting your bands. Winners of the Fantasy Panorama will get ERP prizes!

For individual players, simply click "Create New Account" on the right, or visit About Fantasy Panorama for more information. For band directors, get your students involved in the storied history of Panorama by creating your own school league. Email us at mail@engineroompublishing.com if you would like a school league. There area also lessons plans and other online resources for you to use in your classroom.

Virginia Beach Letter

In lieu of an ad in the Virginia Beach Panorama program, this year we decided to write a simple letter to the steel band community explaining our philosophy. Have a look! And if you'll be at Virginia Beach this year, come hang out in our lounge!

Dear Steel Band Community:

We believe steel band is unique. Not only are the sounds of pan unlike any other, but steel band—like the calypsos they often play—has a story to tell. It’s a story about struggle. It’s a story about innovation. And sometimes it’s just a story about celebration.

At Engine Room Publishing we try to help tell this story. Our catalog of sheet music represents some of the freshest voices in steel band today. We work tirelessly to make new music from the United States, Trinidad, and around the world available to a larger audience. We offer generous royalties and strictly adhere to copyright law because we want steel band composers to continue what they’re already doing so well. All of this is done because we believe the steel band community is vibrant and special.

You are cordially invited to check out our catalog of sheet music, as well as our Classroom Series of method books for steel band, by stopping by to chat at the ERP Lounge, or visiting our web site.

David Knapp, President
Engine Room Publishing, Inc.

New Music from Victor Provost

Engine Room Publishing is proud to offer new music from award-winning performer and composer Victor Provost. Magharibi, meaning "Dusk" in Swahili, is a harmonically rich piece written in 12/8 that exploits the ambiguity between 3 and 4. It features a solo section suitable for beginning or advanced improvisors. Soufrière is a haunting tune that combines a Folk aesthetic with Jazz harmonies and the Zouk rhythm of Guadeloupe. It's simple melodic structure and simple optional solo make Soufrière an excellent choice for intermediate steel bands. In addition to these exciting new pieces for steel band, Engine Room Publishing will be releasing new music by Victor Provost in the coming months!

Results Are In

The results from the 2013 Fantasy Panorama are in! Check out the full results here. Congratulations to Michael Holcomb from Leon High School who, despite putting Phase II in third place, still had the most accurate picks. And congratulations also go to jarlene.peralta and TahmVehl-eaze from Matanzas High School who placed second and third. Winners will receive gift certificates to Engine Room Publishing, as well as mallets from MalletMan. Thank you to everyone who participated in the league. This year's Panorama was a joy to watch, and we hope you had as much following it as we did!

2013 Fantasy Panorama

For the third year in a row, Engine Room Publishing Inc. has created an online fantasy league for fans of Trinidad’s Panorama to follow the action on finals night. For pan players and those who follow steel band’s premier competition, the league offers a great opportunity to share the excitement as the event unfolds. Engine Room Publishing created the league to continue its efforts to support the connection between carnival arts and school steel bands. School and community bands are especially encouraged to participate in the league, and steel band directors may create private leagues just for their bands. Participating in the league is a great way for students to learn more about panorama, steel bands in Trinidad, and carnival in general. The top three participants will receive prizes including gift certificates for sheet music and sticks.

For more information about the league, including rules, how to register, or to create a private league, please visit http://fantasy.engineroompublishing.com, or contact David Knapp at mail@engineroompublishing.com.

New Year's Royalties

There are a few things that are really great about working at Engine Room Publishing. First, we get to hang out with really talented people, and work on cool, innovative projects. And whenever a new order is placed, there is the joy knowing that a steel band out there is going to play a wonderful new chart and we had something to do with it! We built that!

Another thing that is really great is at the beginning of the year when we cut royalty checks for all the sheet music we sold the last year. We are proud to report that we are writing checks totaling just over $1000 for 2012 to 14 composers, in Europe, Trinidad and the United States! That might not seem like much, but considering the size of our community, that's great! Sometimes it doesn't feel good to spend money. But other times, especially when it's going to a community of amazing composers, arrangers and educators, it feels wonderful!

It's not just about selling sheet music for us. It's about getting exceptional music in front of more students. Thank you to everyone whose talents make this company so special. We look forward to another year of spreading the gospel in 2013. You can help us! Tell a friend about a chart you bought from us!

PASIC Steelband Literature Session

Engine Room Publishing is honored to have some of its repertoire chosen for the PASIC steelband literature session. Thank you to all of those within the PASIC community who have worked to advocate for pan! And thank you for making us a part of your great work! Check out the session Saturday at 2 p.m.