Digital or Physical Sheet Music

Magharibi (“Dusk” in Swahili) depicts a slowly setting sun on the horizon of an African savannah. This is the end of another warm, arid day—an eye’s blink in the cycle of life—and creatures from every rung of the food chain sprint, scurry, and slither around.

The 12/8 groove exploits the ambiguity of a pulse that can be felt in “4” or “3” while carefully syncopated melodic lines in all voices continue to playfully obscure the downbeat. This piece utilizes a wide pallet of harmonic colors, yet gives emphasis to the great simplicity of the Sus chord. The “solo” section alternates exclusively between Bbsus and Csus chords and provides an excellent vehicle for improvisation. Beginners can play confidently throughout the solo using any or all of the following: F Dorian mode, Ab and Bb major pentatonic scales, or the C minor blues scale. And advanced improvisers can take advantage of the multitude of available tensions and color-tones available to build a highly expressive solo. This section could also wonderfully feature a solo instrument of any type.

Victor Provost
Jazz & Latin
T, DT, DS, DG, C1, C2, B, Drum Set

Tenor: C4 – Eb6
Double Tenor: G3 – Bb5
Double Seconds: F3 – F5
Double Guitar: D3 – G4
Cello 1: Bb2 – Eb4
Cello 2: Bb2 – G4
Bass: Bb1 – Eb3