Dain Brammage

Digital or Physical Sheet Music

Tracy’s most popular and performed composition to date, “Dain Brammage” sounds just like the name implies. This is steelpan at it’s heaviest and most fun! This one is unapologetically loud, heavy, in your face and is always a crowd favorite!

“Dain” starts out with an intense and unison intro that breaks into a low-pan groovy and chromatic riff. Then the high pans join in with the harmony to take things up a notch, followed by the big and open chorus to take you back around to the main jam. After the chorus there is a sweet, light and airy breakdown that gives the tune a nice mellow mood swing that contrasts in such a way that when you come out of it back into the main jam, it’s like a pan explosion! Finally, you’re one more time around to end the way you started, in heavy full band unison!

An awesome heavy groove with a big sound and a heavy metal flair.

Tracy Thornton
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drum Set, Percussion

Tenor: F4 – Bb5
Double Tenor: Bb3 – F5
Double Seconds: Bb3 – D5
Cello: C3 – F4
Bass: Bb1 – C#3