Mood Swings

Digital or Physical Sheet Music

The Bass and the drums set the mood for this one, introducing a laid back and mellow groove. Next, the low pan chords join in to enhance the vibe, followed by the sensual melody line of the high pans for the verse. Just as you get relaxed and taken away into the mellow bliss of it all…”BANG!” The song explodes into a heavy, low and bass pan jam with the high pans accenting the heavy hits. (Calm). Then back into another verse of mellowness only to be followed by the heavy low pan and bass jam, but this time with a rolling high pan line that sings over top to complete the intense mood of the chorus. The song breaks down again with the high pans playing dreamy lines that segue into a solo that builds up to the last explosion of the song that incorporates the low pan and bass jam, mixed with the chorus melody and finally the high pan solo on top of that taking the tune to its highest level of intensity! Mood Swings ends as it started, nice and mellow but with a feeling of being unresolved at the end…

Tracy Thornton
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drum Set, Percussion

Tenor: D4 – D6
Double Tenor: C4 – D5
Double Seconds: F#3 – C5
Cello: Db3 – E4
Bass: C2 – E3

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