New Ownership

It was ten years ago to the month that Engine Room Publishing was incorporated by Adam and I with the goal of promoting and disseminating excellent music for steel bands. In these ten years we have collected a rare library of new music for steel band from some of the best composers in the genre. The effects of this can be seen at festivals and in school auditoriums across the US and beyond. Additionally, we are honored that dozens of schools have adopted our Classroom Series as part of their curriculum. We believe we have made a meaningful contribution to our field.

With a heavy heart and excitement we are announcing that ERP will be transitioning its ownership to Ted Goslin and Greg Paxton during this summer. For the past several years it has been difficult to keep up with the day to day tasks of the business, especially while living overseas, and the quality of our business has suffered. More importantly, it has become an obstacle to getting good music in the hands of bands. In addition to their entrepreneurial spirit, Ted and Greg also have a deep respect for the genre and will continue with ERP's core mission. I will continue to work with ERP as VP of Curriculum and Development and as a member of its Board of Advisors where I believe I will be able to make a positive contribution. I very much look forward to the company's growth and its continued dedication to its mission.

Thank you to all our customers and composers for these ten years!

David Knapp