Classroom Series

A comprehensive curriculum designed for the beginning steel band classroom! This collection—student text book, teacher's manual, and instrument packs—accompanies everyday classroom rehearsal for a 36-week school year.

The 80-page student text book is filled with photos, illustrations and musical examples, covering topics such as technique, note reading, beginning and advanced rhythm counting, strumming, the engine room, key signatures, scales and improvisation. Content is tied directly to worksheets, tests and lesson plans through a comprehensive and systematic 36-week schedule. Accompanying the text book are instrument packs written specifically for each pan that develop music reading skills through 120 reading exercises, as well as develop playing skills through warm-ups, technique exercises and etudes.

Though the text book and instrument packs may be purchased separately, it is strongly recommended that students use both. Together, the two texts comprehensively address music reading and technique.

  Text Book

Introduction to Steel Band

Introduction to Steel Band: Teacher's Manual

Instrument Packs

Tenor Pan

Double Tenor

Double Seconds

Triple Guitar

Six Bass

Classroom Posters

Key Signatures