Jonathan Scales Songbook

Digital or Physical Sheet Music
Jonathan Scales

This selection of tunes by the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra is a wonderful opportunity for the aspiring pannist to jump into some great combo music. The book is wonderfully illustrated, with well-written charts to allow the musicians to realize Jonathan's music in their own way. Essentially a fake book, not written for full steelbands, the book can be used as a road map for steel band arranging. Check out the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra web site, as well as some of their videos below.

Songs Include:
A Puzzle for Joel
The Longest November
Room of Maps
Muddy Vishnu
Mind Your 3's and 2's
Jam We Did
Dish Boy
Character Farm

Excerpt from the book's Foreword:

When performing my work with the Fourchestra, it seems that audiences are generally curious about my approach to rhythm, harmony, meter, phrasing, and space. I often look out to see listeners along for the ride, unsure of where things might go but more than willing to follow the music. This book is for those who approach me after the show, curious about the interworking of my compositions.

Being a student of modern, 20th-century composition, I sometimes draw inspiration from numbers and musical formulas as the foundations of a piece. Having been influenced by 20th-century composers who pushed boundaries, yet exposed to the Rock, Pop, & Hip-Hop of my time, I unconsciously try to weave mathematic complexity with a sense of familiarity. I hope this can be experienced in charts like Mind Your 3’s and 2’s and Jay Sanders’ Sing-Along.

Here’s a glimpse into my writing techniques and I hope it helps you to understand a little more about what’s going on musically inside my head!