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The origin of this signature tune by Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra begins while the band was on tour in the Philippines in the early '80s. According to ensemble lore, one night several group members shared a cab to get to a performance. In transit a mambo was playing on the radio that they thought sounded good and would make a nice addition to their repertoire. As soon as they arrived at the venue, they started trying to work out a mambo of their own. Others joined them and in short order the group came up with an arrangement that they liked well enough to perform that night.

This transcription makes a wonderful tune in Skiffle Bunch's library available to bands elsewhere. Mambo is perfect as a an opener, closer, or road tune. Even more, through Jeffrey Jones' insightful writing about Skiffle Bunch in the front matter to the score, students are provided the performance context of the piece and the connection between Mambo and the sense of community within one of Trinidad's premiere steel bands becomes known.

Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra
Jazz & Latin
T, DS, C, B, Drums

Tenor: D4 – D6
Double Seconds: F3 – F5
Cello: C3 – D4
Bass: C2 – E3