Six Pieces for Beginning Steel Band

Digital or Physical Sheet Music

This series was commissioned specifically to provide quality steel band music for beginning steel bands. The six pieces in this collection represent a variety of styles, composers and difficulty and can serve as an entire semester's repertoire.

The first two pieces, Pa Bailar (cha-cha) and Hope (reggae and soca), were composed by composer, performer and educator Jeff Narell. These two tunes are Level 1 difficulty and make great first tunes for middle and early high school steel bands. The groove is really nice, and they could easily be taught by rote

The next two pieces were composed for Engine Room Publishing by Danish composer Sune Borregaard. You Got Me Going is a jazz band styled piece with a great melody and features an easy solo section suitable for beginning players. Catch Me is an exciting medium-tempo calypso. These two pieces are Level 2 difficulty.

The last two pieces were composed by composer and educator Adam Grisé. Working is a medium-tempo soca with nuanced dynamics and features a jam section with rich inner voicing. Finally, Floating Serenade introduces students to classical music on pan. It is written in a major key, with just a few accidentals in rounded binary form. These last pieces are also Level 2 difficulty.

Soca & Calypso
Jazz & Latin
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drums

Tenor: C4 – C6
Double Tenor: A3 – C4 (DT is only on Catch Me and You Got Me Going)
Double Seconds: F3 – D5
Cello: B2 – F4
Bass: B1 – E3 (with octave)

2:00; 2:45; 3:15; 3:00; 2:15; 2:45