Introduction to Steel Band

Introduction to Steel Band Cover

This textbook is a comprehensive supplement to steel band rehearsal for beginning steel bands. Intended to be used alongside everyday repertoire rehearsal, this curriculum is designed to occupy 20% of instructional time, making the other 80% more effective. Your students will walk away with a better foundational knowledge of music and pan!

Through detailed and focused lessons, students learn important concepts of music reading through steel band, such as:

  • Note reading
  • Beginning and advanced rhythm counting
  • Idiomatic steel band rhythm and strumming
  • Key signatures
  • Scales and improvisation
  • Playing technique


Text book features:

  • 80 pages of text, photos, illustrations and musical examples
  • Common Engine Room and Strumming Rhythms
  • 16 worksheets
  • Corresponding Teacher's Manual with lesson plans, exams, rubrics and exercises and etudes for specific pans


Ordering information:
Text books can be ordered online by clicking "add to cart." If you are ordering more than one copy, you can change the quantity from within your cart. Copies of the text include consumable worksheets and therefore must be purchased for each student.

For classroom purchases, feel free to email your purchase order to or call (562) 285-7103.

Special Until December 31, 2017: Teacher who order 20 or more copies of "Introduction to Steel Band" will automatically receive a free copy of Introduction to Steel Band: Teacher's Manual ($50 value).