Six Bass Pack

Six Bass Pack, Cover

This 54-page instrument pack ties directly into our Introduction to Steel Band text book and helps students individually develop on their instrument. The Six Bass Pack is filled with technique instruction, photos, exercises and etudes written specifically for the bass pan. Additionally, the Six Bass Pack includes 120 reading exercises that may be studied individually or with the class. Contents include:


  • Sticking
  • Rotary and bend strokes
  • Note doubling
  • Triads
  • Root - Fifth motion
  • Circle of fifths workout
  • Double stops
  • Legato playing
  • Octave transposition
  • Major scales
  • 4 etudes
  • 120 Reading exercises


Ordering information:
If you are purchasing this pack for your classroom, it is recommended that each student has their own copy. This text is not consumable, and may be used year after year with your students.