Jeff Narell

Jeff Narell is an internationally known comopser, steel panist, Afro-Caribbean percussionist, educator and recording artist living in the San Francisco Bay area. Since his exposure to pan at an early age through Ellie Mannette, he has dedicated his life to promoting the artform and expanding the musical range of the steel pan. He currently teaches music programs under the auspices of the San Francisco Symphony Education Department.

Equally at home with the traditional steel band or as a soloist in contemporary musical settings, he has played on four big box office Hollywood movies, worked with Olatungi, Bobby McFerrin, George Benson, The Grateful Dead and appeared as guest artist-composer on the Grammy nominated Patato, Changuito, Vilato: Rhythm at the Crossroads CD in the Latin Jazz category. Narell received the Hollywood Dramalogue award for best theatrical score for The Tempest commissioned by the California Shakespeare Co. Jeff’s original composition “Ellie Man” was a top tune played by steel orchestras island wide for Trinidad Carnival 2003. A tribute to his mentor, Ellie Mannette, the father of the modern steel pan, it was sung and recorded in collaboration with Trini calypso star Crazy and performed by Ellie’s original steel orchestra, Invaders, at Panorama. For more information about this composer, visit his website at